IO1 resources are online: exploring “Gender”, “Power” and “Empowerment”

IO1 resources are online: exploring “Gender”, “Power” and “Empowerment”

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The book “Artworks at question”, set of pedagogical cards and manual on cards are now available on our website, in all partners’ languages.

The IO1 is the theoretical background of the whole project in which we explored how young people live, interpret, approach gender in order to understand how they see the connection of gender and power issues. More specifically, this IO helped us to identify areas where youngsters may “need” empowerment which will open in the following IOs. How to understand and what is empowerment in the professional world for youngsters? How power and gender are related in the professional world? How gender interfere in social interactions? Where do young people feel they face discrimination because of their gender?

Primary target group: youngsters (between 18 and 30) stemming from very different backgrounds, from privileged and underprivileged environment, from gender minorities and of heterosexual identity.
Secondary target group: youth workers, facilitators, trainers working with the primary target group.

Book “Artworks at question”

A collection of artworks with questions to trigger debate and identify main gender and power issues.

Set of pedagogical cards

Set of 25 pedagogical cards with definitions of key concepts related to gender and concrete illustration through personal stories.

Manual on cards

Description of a sequence of activities that lead to the construction of the “cards” and an activity to use the cards for learning.

All these materials are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Slovenian on this page.