IO6 playbook is now online: explore your powers through art
Playbook online - Power - IO6

IO6 playbook is now online: explore your powers through art

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The playbook developed by all partners is now available for consultation. Read on how to approach the topic of gender and empowerment with youth work through art mediation tools!

IO6 consisted of a 15-hour training course for youth workers and a playbook combining the previous project outputs (IO 1, 2, 3, 5) and adapted to the reality of the daily professional life of youth workers.

From our needs analysis, we observed that youth workers are in need for:

  • getting more knowledge about gender concepts;
  • trainings on how to share concepts around gender in order to better support and accompany the youth;
  • innovative and art mediation tools to create dialogue with young people and to manage conflicts;
  • a reflection on gender and power expression within their institution to ensure greater equality within youth support teams and organisations.

For these reasons and more we developed the toolkit, composed of the following chapters:

  1. “But…Hey! What is gender?” Intro to main concepts
  2. “What if I have a conflict about gender?” Gender and Interculturality
  3. “Hmm… how to look at art?” Museum visit
  4. “How do I use artmaking to reflect on gender?” Artistic mediation

In each chapter, you will find a theoretical part to give you a bit of foundation regarding the subject addressed in the question and a series of activities in link with the notion. Take this book as suggestions: all exercises are open to interpretation.

Discover here the playbook and start exploring your powers through art!