IO5 videos are online: art campaigns for gender empowerment
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IO5 videos are online: art campaigns for gender empowerment

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The videos on the art-campaigns for gender empowerment developed by all partners are now available on our website and YouTube channel!

The format of the campaigns has been co-developed by the groups with the input of professionals, such as artists, communicators. The campaigns have responded to local needs and specific contexts of participating countries, therefore they have taken the form of interventions in public space, painted murals, on-line action, etc. The accompanying toolkit will contain the 5 “recipes” for executing these campaign events (soon available).

Aims of this output:

  • Create a dynamic and innovative process involving youth, youth workers and artists to exchange knowledge and strategies to build an effective art-campaign with gender equality agency;
  • empower youth to talk and create multi-media artworks about gender that can communicate to wider public;
  • raise awareness on the topic among youth, youth workers and the public;
  • equip youth workers / youth leaders with the skills necessary to conceive, prepare and co-lead art campaigns and awareness building programs on gender equality and gender
  • address and reach a wider public via off and online- actions and raise visibility of the overall project;
  • build a replicable model for art-campaign making, embedded in specific pedagogical objectives to be easily transferable to different contexts (cultural institutions, schools, informal learning initiatives, NGO’s, youth centres, etc);
  • enable international exchange among the participants and allow multicultural perspectives on the topic.

Watch here all the videos on the dialogues about power dynamics and gender within the art world!